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EMDR Intensives & IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback

Two-Month Intensive Plan

Discover the powerful combination of two transformative therapies, MCN (Microcurrent Neurofeedback) and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), and experience even greater healing and growth.


MCN treats the hardware of the brain whereas EMDR treats the software of the brain. Both inform the other, so combining these two therapies has the potential of alleviating your distress exponentially.


MCN helps restore balance to your nervous system, promoting relaxation and reducing the fight-or-flight response. By calming your nervous system, MCN creates an optimal state for emotional processing and healing.


EMDR, on the other hand, focuses on reprocessing negative learning/beliefs (such as, "I am a failure," "I am a not good enough," etc.) and traumatic memories, reducing their negative impact. This results in you being able to move forward in life with greater resilience.


By integrating MCN and EMDR, you can address both the physiological and psychological aspects of your healing journey, creating a comprehensive approach for lasting transformation.

IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback (MCN)

IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback (MCN) is a cutting-edge therapy that helps balance and relax the nervous system, reducing stress and enhancing overall well-being. It utilizes low-intensity pulses of transcranial electrical stimulation to gently stimulate the brain and promote healing. With MCN, you can experience relief from a wide range of issues, including anxiety, depression, ADHD, traumatic brain injury (TBI), PTSD, post-concussive symptoms (PCS), and much more. Our safe, non-invasive approach has been shown to improve brain function and clinical symptoms, providing a path to better mental health and overall wellness.

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Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)

Experience accelerated healing and transformation with EMDR intensives. Designed for those seeking a concentrated and immersive therapeutic experience, EMDR intensives provide an opportunity to delve deeper into the healing process and make significant progress in a shorter period of time. Intensives allow more therapy time, anywhere from 3 hours plus, allowing for a more comprehensive exploration of your experiences, emotions, and beliefs, facilitating accelerated healing and empowering transformation beyond the normal weekly, 50-minute session. EMDR intensives offer a condensed and efficient way to address unresolved issues, overcome emotional challenges, and create positive change in your life.

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- Two-Month Intensive Plan -

Accelerate your healing.

Initial Assessment Phase

The Two-Month Intensive Plan starts with a 2-hour intake session. This is where you will meet with your therapist for evaluation, assessments, and history intake. Recent blood-work will be analyzed if applicable regarding how best to support the body to heal from mental health concerns.

*Additional hour for blood-work follow-up analysis is $60.00 if necessary (This is for those who decide to have us order blood-work during the 2-hour intake session and need this follow-up to go over the results.)

Treatment Phase

2month intensive.png

Plan Advantages

Discover the value of our MCN and EMDR treatments with our cost-effective packages that not only save you money but also time in therapy.


By choosing our Two-Month Intensive Plan, you received the additive benefits of treating both the hardware (MCN) and software (EMDR) of the brain. With the intensive plan, your MCN treatments are at $90*/$100 per session (compared to the regular price of $120), and you receive four EMDR intensives (three hours each) at $375*/$425 per session (compared to the regular price of $450). Experience the power of MCN and EMDR therapies while enjoying significant savings and quicker results with our package options.

*Prices represent cash discount.


Additionally, individuals who complete the Two-Month Intensive Plan can further enhance their healing journey with our quarterly EMDR Intensives at a discounted rate of $400 per session (versus the usual cost of $450) and booster MCM treatments at $90 per treatment (versus the usual cost of $120). This comprehensive package not only saves you $275 to $600 per individual but also offers a condensed and focused approach to therapy, accelerating your path to positive change, and additional future savings.


We understand that investing in your well-being is important, which is why we also offer flexible financing options to make these transformative treatments accessible to everyone. To find out more about our financing options, contact us at or see our FAQ section below.

  • What does the actual MCN/EMDR Intensive session consist of?
    After you have completed the 2-hour intake session, you are ready to schedule your first week of your Two-Month Intensive Plan. You will need to plan on coming to the counseling center 2 different days for the first 3 weeks. Ideally, your first visit will be on a Monday or Tuesday for your 1st IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback (MCN) treatment. This visit will take approximately 30-45 minutes. You will then return on Thursday of the same week for your 2nd MCN treatment and your 1st EMDR Intensive. At this time, EMDR Intensives are only offered on Thursdays. Your time for the EMDR Intensive will either be scheduled for 1pm - 4pm or 5pm - 8pm. Your 2nd MCN can be scheduled before or after the intensive depending on scheduling needs. During the 3-hour intensive, you and your therapist will take a 15 minute break when the session comes to a good stopping point (about half-way through). This schedule will be repeated for Weeks 1 through 3. Week 4 is similar other than you only come to the center once for your 1 MCN and EMDR Intensive for that week. Week 5 and 6, you only come to the center once for a 30-45 minute MCN treatment. You take Week 7 completely off. Week 8 is similar to Week 4 except the therapy session is a 2-hour follow-up to assess what further needs warrant addressing, if any.
  • Is there a financing option?
    Yes! First, you schedule your 2-hour intake session. $250.00 is due at your appointment time. This session is when you meet with your therapist and determine together if MCN/EMDR Intensives are a good fit for you. The evaluation is done through history intake and assessments. Needs and goals are established in this session as well. If you and your therapist decide the Two-Month Intensive Plan is right for you and your needs, then the remaining balance for the Two-Month Intensive Plan is due at the time of scheduling Week 1. We offer financing through CareCredit. To learn more and to apply, click here. If you already have a CareCredit account, please call contact our office to schedule your intensive package. You can speak with Lisa, our office manager, at 817-479-3105 or You can either finance the full amount of the package at $3,175.00, or you can pay for the initial 2-hour consultation of $250.00 and finance the remaining $2,925.00. For those who are paying the full balance in cash, check, or via zelle, we can offer a cash discounted price at $2,850.00, minus the $250.00 that was paid at intake, bringing the total balance to $2,600.00 due upon scheduling Week 1. *You are not committing to the Two-Month Intensive Plan until you have completed the 2-hour intake and both you and your therapist have decided to move forward with the plan. **There are no refunds. You are committing to the full prescribed treatment plan by purchasing the Two-Month Intensive Package. However, the treatment package can be extended outside of the prescribed two months due to time constraints and schedule conflicts. In certain cases, the package can be transferred to a friend or family member if the therapist believes the treatment is appropriate for the individual. The therapist would have to meet with the new client for a 2-hour consultation at an additional $250.00 before deciding if the package can be transferred. All parties involved would have to agree and sign consent and transfer papers.
  • What if I want to do only MCN or EMDR?
    The Two-Month Intensive Plan was created to offer you a holistic approach to therapy. We believe that the body and mind are strongly connected and oftentimes need to be treated simultaneously for best results. However, not everyone needs or desires both. MCN treats the hardware of the brain by aiding neuroplasticity and balancing the nervous system. MCN treatments are sold in packages of 10 sessions. For more information, click here. EMDR treats the software of the brain by helping the brain process negative learning. This negative learning is gained through traumatic events or hurtful upbringing. During EMDR, negative emotional experiences are updated with new learning, which results in more positive emotional experiences. EMDR can be administered in a normal 1-hour therapy session or during a 3-hour intensive. Some clients request a weekend intensive. A lot more ground can be covered and transformed in an intensive format when compared to the traditional 1-hour approach. To learn more about EMDR sessions, click here.
  • Can EMDR sessions be done virtually?
    Yes, EMDR sessions can be done virtually. However, the therapists at Open Doors Life Center prefer they be done face-to-face. One-hour sessions will be done virtually if requested, but the therapists at Open Doors Life Center require that EMDR Intensives be administered face-to-face.
  • What payments do you take?
    We take Zelle, check, bill pay through your bank, and HSA (health savings account). You can use a credit/debit card, but a 5% convenience fee will be added to the total price of the package. Financing options are available through CareCredit. Click here to learn more and to apply. Also see our "Is there a financing option?" in our FAQ section for more details.
  • Do you take insurance?
    Currently, insurance policies do not cover microcurrent neurofeedback treatments or EMDR intensives.
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