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Lisa Moffitt

ICP, Office Manager

Meet Lisa Moffitt, our dedicated and talented Office Manager at Open Doors Life Center. With exceptional administration skills and a warm and welcoming demeanor, Lisa is an invaluable asset to our team, playing a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of our center.

With years of experience in administrative roles, Lisa brings a wealth of expertise to her position. Her keen attention to detail, exceptional organizational abilities, and problem-solving knack make her an indispensable part of our team. By efficiently managing our office processes and systems, she enables our therapists and coaches to focus wholeheartedly on delivering exceptional care to our clients.

But Lisa's skills extend far beyond her administrative prowess. She possesses a natural ability to create a comforting and inviting atmosphere for everyone who walks through our doors. Her warm and friendly demeanor immediately puts clients at ease, making them feel seen, valued, and supported.

Lisa's genuine care and compassion for others shine through in every interaction. Whether she's answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, or providing guidance to clients, her personable approach leaves a lasting positive impression. She consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that each individual's experience at Open Doors Life Center is exceptional, making them feel genuinely cared for.

Behind the scenes, Lisa is the glue that holds our center together. Affectionately known as the "chaos coordinator," her remarkable organizational skills ensure the seamless running of our operations. From scheduling appointments to promptly attending to client needs, she keeps everything running smoothly. Lisa is the friendly face clients look forward to seeing and the reliable support system our team can always depend on.

We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have Lisa as our Office Manager at Open Doors Life Center. Her unwavering dedication, outstanding administration skills, and warm and welcoming personality contribute to the nurturing and supportive environment we strive to create for our clients.


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