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Leah Rocha

M.A., NCC, LPC-Associate
Trained in EMDR & Brainspotting

under the supervision of
Glenda Faulkner-Woodliff, M.A., LPC-S

Leah Rocha, a licensed therapist with expertise in EMDR and a neurocounseling approach, has the versatility to serve as both a primary therapist or adjunct therapist, depending on your needs. Whether you're seeking comprehensive, standalone therapy or collaborative support alongside your existing therapist (adjunct therapy), Leah supports you to overcome obstacles and reach your highest potential by changing the way your brain processes information. She customizes treatment plans in a safe, supportive environment, addressing specific issues while preserving the therapeutic relationship, ensuring a holistic and effective approach to your healing journey.

Areas of Expertise


Leah Rocha is an EMDR specialists who takes a neurocounseling approach to rewire the brain. She helps her clients identify and change negative patterns of thinking and behavior that hold them back from living the life they want. Her areas of expertise include PTSD, anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationship issues.

EMDR Therapy

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy is a research-proven technique that helps individuals overcome the effects of trauma. By using bilateral stimulation, such as eye movements or tapping, EMDR helps reprocess distressing memories and beliefs, leading to a reduction, oftentimes an alleviation, in emotional and physiological symptoms.


Initial relationships serve as a fundamental key to understanding who we are. How you have attached to others is another primary focus of Leah's therapeutic approach. This emphasizes recognizing the profound influence your earliest significant relationships wield on your self-perception and how you interact with others as you mature. Exploring these relationships and experiences from your childhood and adolescence can shed light on your present self and lead to transformative realizations.


This exploration is not about "dwelling on the past," but rather, it's about courageously and honestly acknowledging the ongoing influence of your past on your current life. Gaining such insights fosters self-compassion and allows you to start untangling the hold the past has on your present, paving the way for forging new paths and possibilities.

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Education & Training

Leah graduated from The King's University with a bachelors in Biblical Counseling (2019) and obtained her masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Liberty University (2023). While in school, she owned and operated a life coaching business. Prior to entering the mental health field, she had functioned as a lay pastor for different churches expanding twenty years.  

She is currently licensed in the State of Texas (#93203).

If you have questions or concerns regarding any ethical or professional considerations, feel free to contact her or the Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council at any time.

Advanced training:

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